A project by Abhishek Taur & Mandar Gogate


Since the invention of the computer mouse interface, there have been no major changes in its design. The way we interact with computers through keyboards and mice are still the same as they first were. Recent new technologies try to replace or emulate the mouse and each has their own disadvantages. Some require the use of surfaces, cameras, sensor bars, or tethering.

Moreover, Studies have shown that excessive traditional mouse usage can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries. Unfortunately for most of us, “excessive” can mean anything more than a few hours a day. However, there are alternative styles of mice out there designed to be easier on the hands and arms. One of the more interesting ones to come along in a while is the Air Mouse. So an Air mouse seems to be a good alternative and just suiting for our purpose.

The goal of this project is to design and create a wearable computer mouse interface, independent of cameras, sensor bars, surfaces, or tethering, that is intuitive, fast, accurate and convenient

Components Used

STM32F4 Discovery Board(Microcontroller)

HC-06 Bluetooth Module

IMU – MPU 9150 (Accelerometer + Magnetometer + Gyroscope i.e. 9dof)

Project Demo & Code

Demo Video 

GitHub Repo – https://github.com/MandarGogate/AM-AIR-MOUSE


Thus we have designed an intuitive Air Mouse which is easy and fun to use for computer applications that are not particularly keystroke-intensive, such as surfing the web and playing (certain) video games.